How it All Started…

In 1983 two gentlemen were in South Lake Tahoe California on a gambling weekend trip.

They were at Harrah’s Ranch Casino, and every bet seemed like a winner. Blackjack was the game of choice. With $200 a hand the average bet, the stakes were high and the excitement was building. A large crowd grew around the table.

On one particular hand, the dealer was showing a Jack and our guy had 17. With out a blink of an eye he took a card. It was a 4, giving him 21. The dealer turned her down card and showed a 10 for 20. 21 wins and the place went crazy. His luck ran hot for the rest of the weekend, rewarding him with tens of thousands of dollars!

The next Monday back in the California Bay Area city of Walnut Creek, the tale of the weekend traveled to a bartender friend who told them of a bar and grill in downtown Walnut Creek that was for sale.

Needless to say… The two took their new found riches, remodeled the place, and decided the name had to be Mr. Lucky’s.

They hired Walt Packard as their day bartender and general manager. They also hired Max Schmelling (the guy who told them about the place) to work the as the night bartender.

As the business grew they added Randy Slabaugh to the night crew in 1986.

Walt bought Mr. Lucky’s in 1992. As Walnut Creek grew so did Mr. Lucky’s.

In 2006 Walt and Randy started to look into locations for a new restaurant. They were introduced to this location by the owner of the building and the new Mr. Lucky’s of Pleasant Hill was opened in 2007 on the corner of Pleasant Hill Road and Taylor Blvd.

Casual Dining and Spirits is our motto with Quality Food, friendly fun staff and of course… Great fun and Sprits. Come In, sit down, relax and enjoy!

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